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5 Myths Surrounding Mattresses for Back Pain – 2024 Guide

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Since back pain is quite common in people, it is a topic that is talked about a lot. That is why there are a lot of myths, but most of them are about mattresses for back pain. However, back pain can be of different intensity, in different places and everyone experiences it differently. It is important to separate myths from facts so that you do not have wrong decisions when it comes to the mattress on which you sleep. You can incorporate CBD oil to your night time routine for a better sleep. Visit CBDClinicals to know more!

1. Very Firm Mattress Is the Best Choice

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For people who have back pain, a harder mattress is better, but that does not mean that they need a rock hard surface. Research shows that a medium-firm mattress is ideal for them. Like Saatva King Mattress that is firm but has cover for improved comfort. Such mattresses are ideal. Although a firm mattress will provide the best support to your body, too hard a mattress will do more harm than good. This will put the spine in the wrong position. In the second case, too soft a surface does not provide any support.

2. Every Sleep Position Is Good

Every person has an ideal sleeping position. We adopt a sleeping position towards our body. Therefore, some will prefer a softer pad, pillow, and others a harder option. The reason is different positions that require different support. Our health also determines the position in which we will sleep. However, if the surface on which we sleep is not compatible with our needs, numerous problems can arise. Among them is back pain.

3. Spring Mattresses Are Bad for Back Pain

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This type of mattress is able to easily adapt to most people. While springs provide the necessary support to the body, they offer the possibility of shaping the base according to the shape of the body. In this way, an ideal balance is achieved and a suitable sleeping area is obtained. Many who have back pain will fit this type of mattress precisely because of this.

4. Mattresses for Back Pain Are Too Expensive

This is not true. Since the industry has advanced a lot, there are different variations of these mattresses that will suit everyone’s budget. Of course, you need to always look at quality before price. Only in this way will you be satisfied.

5. Springs Mattresses Are Not for Older People

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Older people have more health problems, and most of them have a problem with back pain. Since the springs mattress is an ideal choice for all those with this problem, older people are no exception. In fact, too soft a mattress is not suitable for them for several reasons. For example, they need much more energy to move on this surface. They also need a lot of effort to climb on the mattress and get off it. A harder mattress enables ease of movement, stability and prevention of back pain.


Chronic back pain affects a large number of people, and most of them complain about the mattress on which they sleep. That is why they are constantly looking for new mattresses, because they believe that they will solve their problems.