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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Quest Guide 2024

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The tale of the Sunken Pearl is not just a legend, but it’s also a tale that has been passed down through the ages. It is a well-known story of how a ship sank, taking its treasure with it, and how a pirate captain used the sunken pearl to communicate with his men, before finally spending his last days upon the shore. But what about the fact that the Sunken Pearl is a sunken ship? And how does it even end up here in the Sunken Reef, of all places?

The Sunken Pearl Treasure is the second segment in the 7-part tale of Captain Teague and the Sunken Pearl Treasure. Having escaped the Brinejack City by the skin of its teeth, the Sunken Pearl now heads for the Isle of Legends in search of the legendary treasure. As the quest progresses, the Sunken Pearl will be sought after by the Pirate Lord’s forces, who will attempt to sink the ship and eliminate it. The quest will progress with the Sunken Pearl being pursued by the Pirate Lord’s navy and his army, to the Isle of Legends, where the Pirate Lord awaits.

It’s another day in the life of a notorious pirate, and what a day it is. You have just been elected to captain the Pollywogs, the second-to-worst of all the pirate crews in the Sea of Thieves. With your crew of loyal Pollywogs, you’ll seek glory and plunder, but you’ll also have to learn how to work together and fend off the wiles of the other crews.

Captain Jack Sparrow is lost in the Sea of Thieves and is trying to retrieve the precious treasure he needs to save the Sea of Thieves from Davy Jones. The story of the sunken gem in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life takes you into a dangerous underwater world in search of the Black Pearl, a famous pirate ship that may be your only hope on this long journey.


Your first step is to vote for the sunken pearl story in the castaway camp. The castaway will summarize the story and tell you that you have found the pearl. There’s a book in your quest inventory, and on pages 6 and 7 you’ll find a map that tells you where to go. You will sail in the far southwest corner of the chart, just southwest of Discovery Ridge and west of Old Salts Atoll – look for the blue light shining in the sky. Since you’ll likely start in a random outpost, your travel time may vary, and be aware that you may encounter other players along the way.


A lively musical melody announces your approach and you see a pile of floating wrecks covered in coral. Load your ship and prepare to dive. Jump into the water and swim down, following the trail of debris. Don’t worry about running out of air even if you swim deeper: the corals release air bubbles that you can breathe in. Follow the path listening to the beautiful songs that accompany you and you will reach the wreck of the Black Pearl.

Liberty Boat


Swim forward from the upper deck and you will find an opening leading to the lower decks. Swim and click on the clues to clear the debris in your path. At the back of the ship, you’ll see a sleeping ocean dweller holding the key to the captain’s cabin – take the key in his paws and swim out the same way you came in. Swim across the upper deck to the back of the ship and open the door to the captain’s cabin. Inside, find Jack’s compass on the table. If you remember the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this compass points to what your heart desires.

Follow the direction of the compass – if the compass is behaving rather erratically, you may not be swimming deep enough and may need to dive deeper until you find a cave covered in coral.

Strange Awakening

When you’ve reached the cave and found air, you’ll see a statue of a mermaid on the left and a round glowing ball that serves as a switch on the right. With the mermaid statue you can go back to the ship or back to all previous checkpoints. Hit the sphere with your weapon to pass the barrier and swim into the next cave.

In the puzzles with the mermaid statue, where you have to raise the water level to progress, we encountered bugs or third party interference when the water had already risen. But the premise is that you have to manipulate three small mermaid statues by hitting them with weapons to match the artwork on the wall. These images hold a trident in one hand and another object in the other – each holds the trident in a low, medium or high position, so all of these images are struck to match the artwork. Then meet the big mermaid statue in the middle, and the statues will sing and raise the water level.

This guide is currently under preparation.I am a big fan of the Sea of Thieves, and have been playing it for a while.  But if you’ve never played the game, then I am going to tell you about this quest. It is one of my favorite parts of the game, and one I never get tired of telling people about..

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