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How Talk Radio Helped Paul Croshaw To Find Faith – 2024 Guide

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Paul Croshaw is a French movie enthusiast and a former atheist; however, that is not all there is to say about him. Paul Croshaw is also a director, writer and producer of an independent film called “Baseball, Dennis & The French”, perhaps you’ve heard of it.

What is also interesting about this independent film is that Paul Croshaw is not only a producer and a director of the movie – he is also the subject of it. “Baseball, Dennis & The French” is a documentary film/biopic of Paul’s life and his transition from a liberal activist and an atheist to a full-fledged, church-going, Bible-abiding Christian, or more precisely Episcopalian, or Anglican, as it is called now.

If you are wondering how did such a radical change occur, and how did Paul transform his life, you should most definitely watch the documentary film, but also; you could stick around with us for a few more moments and perhaps read about it.

How Did Paul Croshaw Go From A Liberal Activist To A Christian?

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In a nutshell, the transformation began back in 1988, when Paul was on his way to a rally, and during his trip, he was switching radio stations, looking for the “Dodger Talk”, because he was, and still is, a major baseball fan. However, Paul did not end up listening to the “Dodger Talk”; instead, he stumbled upon Dennis Prager‘s talk show.

What mostly took him by surprise is that someone was talking about God, on the radio, during the middle of the day. Keep in mind, this was the late 80s, and that didn’t happen too often.

Now, according to Paul, at that time, the first thing that came to his mind was the home run he hit when he was a child. Naturally, Paul prayed to God to help him and lend him the strength to hit a home run, and sure enough, he did. Even at that time, Paul believed God actually helped him to hit that home run. More on that exact moment can be found in his film, which many have written about, including Esther Prager Florida spa owner, so if you want to know more about the film – have at it.

Keep in mind, the events depicted in the film aren’t completely true. In a movie, Paul’s epiphany and transformation are much more sudden than they actually were. In reality, it took years and years of listening to Dennis Prager’s talk show before he would move on to become a completely opposite person of what he once was.

Basically, Paul says it took him 12 years before he went from a liberal activist to a conservative church-going Christian, and it was Dennis’ talk shows that helped him get to where he is now. Sure, in the early stages, they disagreed, but in the end, he found truth in what Dennis was preaching.


In the end, the whole journey inspired him to write, direct and produce a film about it. Naturally, Dennis is a big part of the movie, and so is baseball, but we won’t say any more because we don’t want to spoil this movie for you.