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Water Damage Restoration Process for Effective Building Restoration

water damage restoration
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Several factors cause water damage within the building, including heavy storms or leaking pipes that lead to flooding. The injury requires urgent attention to prevent the damage from leading to further unbearable damages and property losses. If well addressed, your building inhabitant can avoid exposure to health risks. The process needs to be done by a specialist for the desired results to be achieved while taking the proper precautions to prevent future damage. The process should be followed meticulously for the desired effect to be completed, and it includes the following:

Water damage inspection

water damage inspection
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A water damage cleanup Columbia inspection helps to determine the extent of the water damage and is conducted by a specialist. The examination detects the cause of the water damage, the damage class and the contamination category. Once the cause is determined, it gets stopped to prevent more water from accumulating in the building. The different water contamination levels include white water, grey water and black water, which help the specialist know the proper decontamination process to use. However, sometimes, it becomes impossible to determine the source of the water damage even after identifying the cause.

Removal of standing water

The water damage cleanup Columbia removes the water through a process known as extraction, and some of the equipment used includes industrial vacuums and submersible pumps. Once the accumulated water has been removed, the standing water gets removed from the surface using portable dry and wet vacuums. The specialist uses a moisture meter to discover hidden water pockets behind walls or floorboards.

Dry affected areas

dry after water damage
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Once the water has been removed, the water damage cleanup Columbia professionals ensure that the affected areas get well-dried using heavy-duty fans and commercial-grade dehumidifiers. The building doors and windows can also be opened to speed up drying.

Cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces

The water damage cleanup Columbia has the right equipment and wear to properly sanitize your building’s affected surfaces, ridding it of any mold that might have developed. The equipment used at this stage includes the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum and different air machines to sanitize the entire building. If the damages were extended, then an antimicrobial solution would be necessary.

Repair and reconstruct

water damage repair
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The final step of the water restoration process is the repair and reconstruction phase. The extensively damaged parts get removed and replaced with new ones. For those that are not highly damaged, they get repaired and reused. The process is very complex, but the complete adherence to the water damage restoration protocols makes it easy to achieve an excellent completion.


Water damage causes losses within the building and must be adequately addressed to increase the possibility of restoring the installation successfully. Any delays in the process cause more damage and expose your household to more dangers. The method above has made restoring water-damaged buildings easy and minimizing the possibility of the water damage re-occurring. The experts have the tools, skills and expertise to restore your damaged water building.