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The Best Anime With Really Complex Plots – 2024 Guide

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I’ve been following this sub-reddit for a while now, and after reading a lot of posts, I realised that there wasn’t really a list out there of the best anime with really complex plots. Side Note: The following is a listing of all the anime that have been mentioned in the thread. This is not a ranking of the best anime with really complex plots. That would be a daunting task, considering that I am only recommending anime with complex, but still relatively simple plots.

It seems to me that anime is still under the big shadow of the 80s with many people being unable to accept that anime and cartoons are a form of art. Quite a few of the anime nowadays have great and intricate plots that will keep you hooked to your absolute favourite.

Anime is a rather niche medium that is not often discussed in the mainstream media. Here, we have tried to highlight some of the best anime series that have captivated us over the years, and have intricate stories, which are full of twists and turns. For a list of recommendations, from other lists and personal recommendations, see the bottom of this article.

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Anime has become a profound and popular form of storytelling in the last decade. It is an incredibly diverse genre whose creativity is rivaled only by its demographic. What makes it so unique is the way in which it can suck the viewer into a world that is completely foreign and yet so familiar. There are a number of elements that make up an anime that are complex, but they all serve to answer the question of what makes this genre so interesting..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which anime has the most complex plot?

The most complex anime would be Death Note.

Which anime has best plot?

Anime with best plot would be Death Note.

Which is the most complicated anime?

I’m not sure if this is the most complicated anime, but I would say that the most complicated anime is Code Geass.