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How to Get Aspects Destiny 2


What are Aspects of Stasis? They are the cornerstone of the innovative character system added to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light. As you know, they allow players to customize entirely new subclasses of Stasis elementals, introduced in the expansion, with powerful, game-changing abilities and buffs. They are also needed to activate Stasis Fragments, which give small bonuses to stats and enhance abilities. To unlock each aspect, you must complete a quest on Europa. This article details the aspects and what you need to do to get them.

How Aspects Work

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Aspects are modular items that can be equipped to improve a subclass of Stasis. As we know, there are twelve unique Aspects in the shooter, four for each subclass. They cannot be duplicated, and Guardians cannot have more than two Aspects at a time, forcing players to make strategic decisions. Aspects of Stasis provide bonuses and additional effects that change the mechanics of your standard actions and abilities. In addition, each has multiple Fragment slots, allowing you to further alter your combat capabilities. With Aspects and Fragments you can make your personal subclass truly your own and make sure it fits your fighting style.

Unlocking Aspects

Special quests on Europa unlock aspects of stasis. Speaking of Season of the Lost, you must complete the Born in Darkness game to access these quests. Players who own Beyond Light will only be able to start this quest after talking to the alien Exo and completing the expansion campaign. The first Aspects quest opens after completing the first part of Born in Darkness, and the rest become available after completion. You will also need the Grip of Salvation to complete the Aspects quests, as it is the only weapon that can deal damage to entropic shards. After completing the campaign, you can get the quest for the exotic launcher from Drifter. It involves completing some activities in the destination. Buy D2 Boosting Service for Best Price.

First Aspect

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The Aspect of Control requires you to find and eliminate five Entropic Shards in Europa. There are more such shards to choose from all over the destination, so this should be easily done side by side with other Europan activities. Once you reach the goal, travel to Kell’s Rising, near where you fought Eramis. Touch the Crux of Darkness, and you will receive your very first Aspect:

  • Hunters get Shatterdive, allowing them to drop hard while in flight and shatter targets below;
  • Titans get Cryoclasm, powering up their slide and letting it shatter frozen opponents;
  • Warlocks get Iceflare Bolts, cryogenic projectiles that appear after a target is shattered and seek out new enemies to freeze.

Second Aspect

The Aspect of Destruction will take you all over the Jovian moon as you will need to hunt down a full nine of its Entropic Shards. In the end, though, you shall have to return to the same place as in the first task. After the enemies have been cleared away, the second Aspect shall be made available to you:

  • Hunters get Winter’s Shroud, which upgrades your dodge with a powerful slowing effect against surrounding foes;
  • Titans get Tectonic Harvest, rewarding them with melee energy-boosting Stasis Shards whenever they break up a Stasis crystal;
  • Warlocks get Frostpulse, causing Rift to initiate a freezing shockwave.

Third Aspect

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You must break all the shards of entropy found in the Infinity Well in Rathmore Chaos, so the aspect of influence is necessary. Also, if you explore the area carefully, you will find them very easily. The next step is to complete the currently active Heroic Exotic quest. At the end, go to Zikkuratim in the region of Outland. There you will receive the next Aspect:

  • Hunters get Grim Harvest, which yields Stasis Shards whenever they eliminate slowed or frozen opponents;
  • Titans get Howl of the Storm, allowing them to launch a freezing shockwave as a prepared melee attack;
  • Warlocks get Bleak Watcher, unlocking a turret that can slow down enemies with its projectiles and is deployed by sacrificing a grenade.

Fourth Aspect

The Aspect of Interference task is practically identical to the one before it. The only difference is that your Guardian would have to go back to Kell’s Rising to hunt the Entropic Shards there. Once that is taken care of, it will be time to seek out the Ziggurat for your final prize:

  • Hunters get Touch of Winter, a collection of improvements for Stasis grenades, letting them spawn more crystals and reach more targets;
  • Titans get Diamond Lance, a throwable freeze-inducing weapon created by using Stasis powers to dispatch foes;
  • Warlocks get Glacial Harvest, which produces Stasis Shards by freezing opponents.