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Why Should You Be Worried About Heavy Metals In Baby Food

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When your baby comes first into your lap, you always think of giving the best to your child in every aspect. Food is something that is the first thing that goes into your baby’s body, and as you cannot see the whole process of its making, from the first step of the raw materials to the final time of dispatch, you can track what is actually in that processed food.

Many baby food companies claim they do not contain contaminants or impurities, but that’s not fully true. Certain baby food brands contain heavy metals and contaminants that can affect your child’s health and cause a severe effect on their growth in the long run.

If you are not familiar with the fact that certain brands jump onto the distribution phase without even going with the testing and in the later stages when they are checked, it shows that there are some amount of metals and impurities that are added into it. You can imagine how hazardous it can be for your infant and how much it will affect your child’s growth.

Some Of The Things That Are Important To Know About Heavy Metals In Your Infant’s Food:

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A baby’s body is far more sensitive than the adult body, and even if a human is eating food that contains contaminants, that will also be highly hazardous, so think of how severe it can be for a child?

Further, you will know why you should be worried about the heavy metals in baby food and how to protect your child from having that kind of food and choose the best for your baby.

What Are The Metal Elements That Are Found In A Baby’s Food?

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Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, and many others are mostly there in the contaminated food. Both small level or high-level contamination of heavy metals in baby food, show the same side effects. It might be possible that its impact would be witnessed later, but it will harm your child’s body in several ways. These metals can slow the memory, growth, concentration level, and their focus power will also get reduced.

One of the biggest impacts of contaminated baby food is that it contains neurotoxins that disrupt a kid’s neurological system. Even at such a young age, if their brain and the neurological system experience this kind of problem, how deteriorated their whole growth process will become. It is also shown in the studies that it directly affects the IQ level of your toddler.

So when you are choosing baby food products, you must buy from the best brands, which contain all the products that do not have heavy metals in baby food and any harsh chemicals that can degrade your child’s health. You must always rely on the trustable brands that care about your child’s health as much as you do.

What Is The Danger?

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There are several severe damages that it can cause, and when you think of heavy metals in your child’s body, your first concern will be how dangerous it can be? Some of them are:

  • It is known in the studies that heavy metals can result in a risk of cancer which is one of the most hazardous diseases anyone could think of. Heavy metals are highly responsible for generating cancer cells in a body so imagine how some metals can severely affect your child’s body.
  • Another one is behavioral concerns; the toxic metals are responsible for contributing to your kids’ bad behavior. In the initial stage of your child, you might witness if their mood fluctuates a lot and there is a slight change in their behavior; it might be because of the heavy metals. It can also contribute to attention disorders; the child can face problems in holding their attention and can not have stable concentration.
  • Slow development and growth are also a problem that comes with the intake of metals in baby food. You are using a particular product with trust and reliability in return, if it does not show any positive effects that you are expecting it to offer, then you must change the baby food instantly.
  • In all, it is responsible for the overall bad growth of the child and deteriorates their body, making their present and future full of severe problems. You are buying a certain product thinking that it is best for your kid, but it is kind of a trap; those manufacturers only care about your money and not about your kid.

How Can You Reduce Your Baby’s Exposure To Heavy Metals?

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The main question is how you can reduce your baby’s exposure to heavy metals and what measures you can take to protect your child as much as you can. Further, you will learn about some of the steps parents can take to lower the exposure as much as you can. Some of them are:

  • Read the labels and ingredients properly: even though it will not be mentioned in the labels that a certain product contains these impurities. Still, it can be traced by looking at the first few ingredients of that specific product. If the flavor is pumpkin and spinach, and the first main ingredient is sweet potato, there is less transparency about the ingredients.
  • Give your child a variety of food: you might already know how beneficial it is to have a balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables, lean protein and many other things. This will lower the exposure to toxic metals that can be really bad for your child.

Bottom Lines

You can protect your baby with exposure by using organic baby foods. They do not contain any chemicals and are naturally extracted, so their chances of being intoxicated with heavy metals are negligible.

The studies show that organic food is far better than inorganic ones, and to lower the exposure to metals, you must buy the products of that brand that you feel are good for your kid and have proper certification. Every parent wants to give a safe and healthy future to their child, and this article will help you succeed in it.