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How Do You Keep Flowers Fresh During Delivery

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Getting gifts and giving gifts is one of the processes that make our lives beautiful, and that makes us feel special, appreciated and loved. When people first think of gifting, they usually have several gifts in mind, and some of the most common items people love to give to other people (and they also like to receive) whether those are their friends, family members, significant other or any person they know, are gifts such as chocolate, pieces of clothing, gift cards, books, electronic devices – the list is long. However, there is one type of gift that never leaves people indifferent. And that is – flowers. Sending flowers to Pune is, according to many, one of the most common ways of gifting in this country. If you are planning to send flowers to India, then choosing the best florist service with the most majestic flowers is the number one thing you should do.

But did flowers become such a fantastic gift for almost any occasion and how did we start gifting people with flowers? To be able to answer this question, we first need to take a look into a bit of history and tradition, since giving flowers is an old ritual that has been around for hundreds of years! Moreover, the research has shown that the process of giving flowers first appeared in the Middle Ages, which shows how deep the roots of this tradition are.

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Although the color, shape, size and number of flowers are still important today, it has to be mentioned that all these features were of extreme importance in the past. What’s the reason behind this? Every flower has its own meaning and a message that the sender or the giver wants to tell, and in the past, the wrong color of the flowers that had been sent was even a cause of many conflicts! In the 18th century, there was even a whole flower language that was found in Europe, hundreds of years later. Flowers and giving flowers as a process were also a part of certain ancient myths and are considered to be the perfect gift for Gods, which is why they were offered to Gods in every temple. Kings and other royals and emperors decorated their carts and living spaces with flowers, as they believed that this will bring them luck, both when traveling and when being at home.

Today, we give flowers for different reasons. Generally speaking, flowers are being gifted on occasions such as birthdays, weddings, celebrations, all kinds of anniversaries, at graduation parties or quite the contrary – when there is a sad occasion such as a funeral. However, if we compare today with the tradition of gifting flowers five, ten, or twenty years ago, it seems like the mentality about the very process has significantly changed. What do we mean by this? It seems like there doesn’t have to be a specific reason or a special occasion for giving gifts like this to someone or for receiving flowers. They are being given on almost any occasion and this can be a first date or simply an act of kindness. No matter what’s the reason for gifting flowers, one thing is sure – they always put a smile on our faces and make our day better!

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But in order to give someone a flower or a bouquet of flowers, you first need to purchase them. But if you want to purchase them, you certainly want to get the most beautiful flowers for your loved one. This wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t shops and places where you can get fresh and beautiful, well taken care of flowers. Do you know anything about the freshness of your favorite roses, lilies, or sunflowers? How did they remain fresh for so long and make a perfect gift? What was the journey from the moment someone picked and cut the very flowers, then packed them, transported them, delivered them to a shop and finally, to your address?

The first thing you need to know is that keeping flowers fresh before, during, and after delivery is nothing but a simple process. Some would even say that this is a complex process for florists and their businesses, as it consists of many steps in order to get what their customers expect and logically, meet certain standards and criteria. There are thousands of retail florist shops and they’re all battling with the same thing – how to provide the best products to their clients on their special day. In order to achieve this, they use a lot of resources just to transport flowers the right way, whether it is a delivery to their own retail shop or to your door.

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If you are a florist or you’re just curious about what is the best environment for cut flowers and what makes them live longer then keep reading:

The first thing florists pay attention to when delivering flowers is the packaging. This is quite a logical element, but it’s certainly the most important one, since the way you pack your flowers really can determine if these flowers will last for a long time and make it to their customers or not.

This is why florists use several packaging tricks such as using buckets with water during transportation, along with large boxes where they place flowers down on the ground; and other containers that can provide these plants with fresh water and a certain mix of food.

That being said, feeding the flowers with certain mixtures is equally important as providing them with a good package (a shelter during the transport). Although flowers are cut, it most certainly doesn’t mean that they’re dead. They also need good nutrition in order to last and this is why you can improvise if you don’t have any professional mixtures of nutrients and you can add a bit of sugar or apple cider vinegar in their water, if you want to keep them alive and fresh for a longer period of time.

Of course, the best tip for keeping the flowers fresh during delivery is keeping them in a refrigerator. The warmer the weather is and the higher the temperature in your transportation vehicle is, the worse for your cut flowers. The colder it is – the better since the cold will preserve flowers and they will be perfectly fresh no matter how much time you spend transporting them. However, not all florists are able to invest in a vehicle with such a cooling system, which is why a good old bucket with water, and even some ice, along with the air conditioner is a good go-to solution.