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Can You Manipulate Online Slot Machines? – 2024 Guide

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One of the eternal questions is whether it is possible to manipulate slot machines and trick them into working in our favor. All slot players have asked themselves this question at least once or tried to google the answer. The fact is that in the past there was a lot of manipulation of slot machines and that it has left a mark on the present. But what happens in 2024? Is it now possible to manipulate slot machines? Let’s find out.

Before we start with the story, we must note that this is not a text that aims to help you cheat in casinos. All information is there solely for the sake of education and awareness of what is possible. You don’t want to live in delusion – when you know what the real options are then you can prevent some unwanted situations.

Manipulation of slot machines by players

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1. Fake coins

A very popular way to cheat a slot machine in the past has been to use the same coin several times in a row. How is it possible? It’s very simple: the players would attach money to the nylon wire, then insert it into the slot machine, and after the game was over they would pull it out and repeat the process. The machine would register a new coin each time, and players could collect money from all their winnings.

2. Using a magnet to extract extra money from the slot machine

Another popular way to manipulate slot machines in the past has been to use magnets to draw extra money from slot machines. Each time they won money, players would use a magnet to stimulate the slot machine to roll out more money than expected. This worked for a while until the casino staff realized what was happening. After that, the mechanism of operation of the slot machines changed, so it was no longer possible to perform such scams. At least not that easily.

Manipulation of slot machines by casinos

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Now that you know there are opportunities for players to manipulate slot machines you may be wondering what’s going on on the other side. Do casinos sometimes set up games and operate slot machines to prevent players from winning? Although in the past this was often the case, because there were simply no regulatory bodies that controlled such actions, today it is mostly no longer the case. Always try to play in the legally certified slot and slot online casinos. Taking this precaution will prevent you from being deceived and someone stealing your money.

Conclusion: Every slot and online slot player has at least once wondered if there is a way to manipulate these machines? The fact is that in the past, players have found ways to achieve this. They used the same coin for multiple games as well as a magnet to extract extra money from the slot machine. However, this almost never happens now. When it comes to manipulating slot machines by casinos there is one thing you need to pay attention to, and that is that the casino is legally certified. If you fulfill this, there is a minimal chance that someone will deceive you.