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Royal Caribbean in Discussions to Begin Cruises to Grand Turk – 2024 Guide

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Royal Caribbean Cruises has successfully negotiated a joint venture with a Chinese company to launch the first-ever cruise to Grand Turk in 2019. The cruise will be operated by New Horizon Cruise Line, a joint venture between Royal Caribbean Cruises and China’s Hainan Province Investment Group, and will see the company offer seven-day Caribbean cruises from June 4, 2019 to August 31, 2019 at a price of USD $1,599 per person, a USD $200 discount from the current USD $1,799 price of a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

The Royal Caribbean is in discussions to begin daily cruises to Grand Turk Island, the Bahamas and Bahamas, according to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.’s (RCCL) president and chief executive, Michael Bayley.

It seems that Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCC) has been in negotiations with the Government of The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) to begin sailing out of Grand Turk in 2024. There has been a lot of conjecture from the public on this plan, with most of the discussion focusing on the economics of the deal.

Cruise lines are not the only ones launching new products these days. The ports are also working hard to make sure they are ready to receive cruise ships again. One of them is Grand Turk, which is expected to welcome cruise ships again in late summer.

Premier confirms interest from Royal Caribbean

Earlier this year, Carnival Cruise Line made its appearance in the islands, and now Royal Caribbean is heading to Grand Turk. The possible arrival of Royal Caribbean ships to the islands is surprising given the exclusive agreement with Carnival Corporation on Grand Turk.

Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands Washington Misick:

It may be a little early, but I can tell you that we are in talks with Royal Caribbean, and it looks like they will also be calling on Grand Turk between now and the end of the summer.

The possible arrival of Royal Caribbean ships to the island, which the local government is negotiating with the cruise line, could be an obstacle:

We are still working out some details with Carnival, as most people remember that the agreement with Carnival involved exclusivity on Grand Turk. I really hope we can work out these details and that both cruise lines will call on Grand Turk in late summer or early fall.

Cruise Hive has contacted Royal Caribbean about the possibility of arranging cruises to Grand Turk and will update this article as soon as we have any news.

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The future of cruising in the Turks and Caicos Islands

According to the Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the future of cruising on the islands looks bright. Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise operator, and Royal Caribbean, which is sending ships to Grand Turk this year, will provide a major boost to the local economy, which has been at a virtual standstill since last March.

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According to Carnival Cruise Line’s website, the cruise line plans to resume Grand Turk sailings in September 2024. The newest addition to the Mardi Gras fleet will call at the island for a seven-day voyage, while the Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Pride will also feature Grand Turk on their September itineraries. Royal Caribbean has included the island as one of its shore excursions, but has yet to include it in its cruises.

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Grand Turk is one of Carnival’s most popular Caribbean cruise destinations, and the company is investing between $16 million and $18 million in the city to build a larger dock that will be able to accommodate larger ships at Grand Turk.

I can tell you that we have had three meetings with Carnival in the last four weeks, and we have another virtual meeting, and those discussions are going well, and we expect Carnival to come back to Grand Turk sometime between now and the end of the summer, certainly no later than October.

The cruise line even inspected the area this week as part of its Carnival Infrastructure Fund program, which plans to invest an additional $8.5 million in local infrastructure.

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Cruise tourism aboard Carnival Corporation ships has always been a great boost to the local economy. Carnival’s spending on ships in the islands is $85 million in 2019, and that figure will rise significantly when both cruise lines come here.

Although critics often downplay its importance, the pandemic has once again demonstrated the impact of the cruise industry on local economies. For small island groups like Turks and Caicos, cruise ships remain an important part of daily life.

At the end of this month, Royal Caribbean Cruises will begin to offer passengers the first ever voyages to visit Grand Turk, a small island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The local government of the Turks and Caicos Islands has been working with Royal Caribbean Cruises to get their cruise line to visit the island, and finally, after years of planning, negotiations and discussions, Grand Turk will become the first ever cruise destination for Royal Caribbean Cruises..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Turk open to cruise ships?

There was a huge uproar over news of Royal Caribbean starting weekday sailings to Grand Turk, and Royal Caribbean’s response was to offer cruise tours to the island during the day, without overnighting. Many feared that the cruise ship industry would destroy the island, and the environment, and that it would take away from the ‘good life’ that the island is famous for.

However, many people are now backing Royal Caribbean’s plan (including the Governor of the Turks & Caicos Islands). The remote Turks and Caicos islands have long been shunned by cruise ships, but Royal Caribbean is hoping that the offshore capital of Grand Turk will change all of that. The company revealed that it is in talks with the Turks and Caicos government to run a cruise line, and that the first ship will be able to take up to 3,800 passengers to the island.

What cruise lines go to Grand Turk?

Cruises may have left the top of the world, but they have not left Grand Turk, the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is located just 90 minutes by ferry from Miami. This is the site of the original CocoCay, the world’s first cruise-themed beach resort, and the first of many Grand Turk ‘resorts’ that now exist around the world.

Grand Turk has some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery, and the crystal-clear turquoise waters are filled with a variety of tropical fish. Cruising to an island with a population of over 50,000 is a popular vacation choice (over 10,000 people go there every year). But, Grand Turk is somewhat of a hidden gem; not many people have heard of it. Sure, there are a few cruise lines that have been there, but not many, and those who have been there say it is a fun, yet adventurous and unique experience.

What is the best cruise line for first time cruisers?

One of the first priorities of any cruise line is to win over the hearts (and wallets) of those who have been on a cruise before. The next step in the process is to earn the trust of those who have never been on a cruise, and Royal Caribbean has just begun this process. Royal Caribbean experienced a big rise in passenger traffic this past year, thanks to the success of its premier cruise brand, Royal Caribbean International.

After growing by more than 20 percent to more than three million guests in 2015, Royal Caribbean is now targeting an annual growth rate of 25 percent over the next few years thanks to its ever-expanding line-up of new ships. In addition, the company has expanded its cruise portfolio to new destinations and added new ships, which is resulting in a growing demand for cruises to popular cruise vacation spots like Grand Turk and the Bahamas.