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Is It Possible for a Scientist to Believe in God?

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This is an interesting question, isn’t it? We believe so. But, it is an ancient question, just like who’s older, the chicken or the egg? Sometimes it’s easier not to know the answer to questions like these. We can’t even argue if there’s an answer, to begin with. During the years, many scientists declined to believe in the greater force than what their science had to prove. On the other side, you have highly religious people who fail to see the scientific touch even where there’s no miracle present.

The great Albert Einstein believed that there’s room for both entities to co-exist. After all, it’s not like science and religion are in contradiction every day. Like most of us know, science is in the hands of great and smart people. Through the years, we had people such as Nikola Tesla, whose father was a priest in Serbia, and Isaac Newton who also was a firm believer in God. While you can perform wonders in the name of science, and you can’t argue that gravity and electric power aren’t wonderful, there’s also no reason not to believe in a greater force beyond what you can comprehend.

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Let’s talk about the writer of this article. I’m typing these sentences on a Lenovo laptop, and in essence, I have no idea how computers work. Are they wonders? Are people behind their creation closer to God than me, or are they Gods? No, none of that makes sense. They’re just people who excel in the line of work that I do not understand. Maybe they couldn’t write a few simple sentences even if their life depended on it.

I for one, am not a firm believer in God. But, I understand that in times of true hardship you do not have any other entity to call for aid. Sometimes, science can take you only so far. After all, we’re all mortal people, and putting our trust in the world afterlife isn’t all that mad. God and religion have been around for as long as we can remember. We have many Gods in today’s time, and many religions following them. They’re often contradictory, but so is science. Nothing in this world is black and white, at least when it comes to religion. Science, on the other hand, has this division and some things are crystal clear. But, either way, no science has ever managed to deny God and his existence. It shouldn’t even try. Scientists can believe in God, it’s not that hard.

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Throughout the entire history of mankind, there were two things present – religion and science. Interestingly both have pushed us, humans, to evolve. When you look at where we stand, they managed to bring the best out of all of us. Of course, there were hiccups on the way, here and there, but we ought to try better, and it doesn’t matter if you choose the religious path or the hard road of science. We believe they can co-exist, but if you want to seek deeper meaning or hard facts you can start by visiting My Real God. Maybe you’ll find some answers you were looking for there.