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October 5th Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2024

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Hey there, welcome to the October 5th, 2024 Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs. I’m here to tell you about what’s coming up, based on the mainstays of my astrology practice. It’s a bit surprising to me that I haven’t done a Weekly Forecast for All Signs before – my astrology practice is still in its very early stages, and I’ve only been practicing astrology for a few years now. I hope that it’s insightful to those who take the time to read it!

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my weekly kick-off forecast for the year 2024 for all the signs. I have been doing this for over 15 years and know what works best with each sign and how to deal with them. I will give you each week’s forecast for the year, with an outline of the main features of the main planets and how they will affect you, your relationships, your health and your finances.

Take a glance at the astrological charts for October 5th, 2024, and you will see the Sun in Capricorn, which is the sign of earnings and service as well as expectations of society and justice. It is a sign that brings with it the satisfaction of duties performed in a critical and responsible manner, and also the opportunity of maintaining a steady and stable influence on all the other signs.


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 5 2024


word-image-5829 Say ‘yes’ to something better Choices reflect your values What you’ve outgrown shows how far you’ve come Finding out you no longer want something you used to is a sign of true soul growth, Aries. You’re in the process of re-forging those values at the moment. Especially with ruler Mars still retrograde in your sign.

So, don’t be afraid to change your mind or even change direction as part of this process. It’s simply showing how far you’ve come. Pluto direct in your status-setting 10th can hand you a green light when it comes to new worlds of achievement to conquer. Or it can trigger a deep realisation within that what you once thought you wanted, you no longer do. Either is fine so long as your choice reflects who you truly are now.

What you value says the most about you

Uranus in your 2nd is all about refining those core values and connecting you to what truly matters. And seeing yourself as unique, valuable and above all, capable when it comes to making changes. So, all this transformation and soul refinement could simply result in you making big decisions this week. Around work, career, your path and what you prioritise.

Some may change direction or decide to leave their present position. Others may put ‘me’ time and wellbeing ahead of climbing that corporate ladder. Shifts in resources, your money, the hours you are working, time to do what makes you feel good as opposed to what you are expected to do, could result as Mercury in your 8th opposes Uranus on the 7th.

Changes in the wide world may also impact on your decision making now. You’ll keep what’s worth it (to you), and discard what isn’t in favour of something better as Venus which rules your 2nd, trines Uranus from your 6th on the 11th. It’s a new decision reflecting a new you and a new day, Aries.

In a nutshell: Don’t be afraid to let go of something that no longer works for you, Aries. It shows how far you’ve come. Release allows room for something so much more satisfying. It’s called soul freedom.


word-image-5830 Love = freedom Start a new conversation Pursue that passion! The freedom to go after what you love – or who or even what you love to do, will be your main focus this week, Taurus. Let’s face it – you’ve been confined for far too long. Isn’t it time for a little heart-starting action? You’re a Venus ruled sign so love in all is many forms is air and water to you. Without it well – you wither and die.

At least inside. You’re the sign which shows us all the sensual joy to be found from being at one with the world. So, let’s make that happen for you this week, Taurus. Pluto direct once again in your 9th from the 5th has you looking at a new form of freedom. Heading in this direction can re-connect you to love and your passion. How you experience the world in other words.

Love is your compass – and your purpose

With Uranus in your 1st pushing you towards what evolves you soul, you will have been experiencing a re-shuffling of your priorities. What was once important may not be now. But as always, love and the many ways you can express this, will be. Mercury in your 7th opposes Uranus on the 7th, opening up ways to have new conversations about love – or doing what you love.

A talk with you boo could bring you closer. While some of you may start a whole new conversation with a prospective partner, a potential employer or begin a project close to your heart. Whatever this is, it will be your main focus and aligned with what is most important to you now. And so long as you stay connected to this, you really can’t go wrong, Taurus. Ruler Venus will trine Uranus on the 11th. This shows you quite clearly and in possibly unexpected and surprising ways, exactly what direction love lies for you now, Taurus. And also, what you need to do in order to claim it.

In a nutshell: You’re set free to go in the direction of love now, Taurus. This could be for a person or the pursuit of a passion. Either way, you’re back in alignment with what truly makes your heart sing now.


word-image-5831 Focus your intention Insight illuminates the answer you need Soar away from restrictions Funny how a shift in our consciousness results in us simply rising up, up and away from something we never thought to escape or which has held us back for far too long. To change the world, we need to change our outlook. Pluto direct in its ruling 8th from the 5th shows you that.

Often we don’t solve problems, we simply transcend them so they cease to be problems. Pluto in here is about honing your focus onto what really matters and keeping it there. It’s about a light piercing the darkness and getting to the truth of the matter. This especially applies to anything that impacts on your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing thanks to ruler Mercury in its ruling 6th opposing Uranus in your 12th on the 7th. Simply call this an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as you make that connection.

Keep the focus – keep the faith

You may wonder why as it IS so obvious, that you could not see it before. It’s all down to that focus again. Your attention was elsewhere. But now you do, don’t ignore the information you’ve been given. Also, if it comes via your intuition, a dream, a sign or synchronicity – this does not mean it isn’t valid. Follow through and make changes based on its unique wisdom and insight.

Especially if these can be done close to home and affect your lifestyle, living arrangements, every day routine, work or study or even those you live with. Meditate on the Tarot card of the Hermit. That lamp is the light which is now your focus. Piercing the darkness and showing you what needs to be taken care of. Maybe you in a more nurturing way as Venus in your 4th trines Uranus on the 11th. By doing so you’ll solve so many things which have held you back. Up, up and away, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Illumination shows you the way to transcend something that’s been holding you back for far too long. The solution may now be obvious. Insight and intuition guide you towards freedom this week.


word-image-5832 Love may be found where you least expect it Words are your superpower Go with the surprising for a different outcome Time to enact any changes that need to be made around love and partnerships, Cancer. Pluto heads direct one more in your 7th from the 5th. For many of you, this may mark the start of a renewed search for someone special – thanks to Mercury in your 5th and Venus in Mercury’s ruling 3rd.

Flirt factor? You own it right now, Cancer. Of course, this also gives you the power of sweet, sweet words when it comes to existing partners too. And not just the love kind but all kinds to duos. However, if there is someone you are crushing on – this week’s alignments offer a special kind of magic to enhance that opening line. Or make that pitch for that job, client or showcase opportunity.

Looking for love in all the unusual places

Because the love isn’t confined to that present or prospective boo. Uranus offers excitement and thrills – often via our larger social network. Mercury opposes Uranus on the 7th and Venus trines it on the 11th. Out and socially-distanced about this could bring a surprising encounter, invitation or offer. Loved up – you may be suggesting to your squeeze you get involved in an activity or joint goal. Looking?

Love may appear in unusual places – on line or real world. Or that surprise encounter or invite leads you to kicking back and enjoying yourself. The people you know or meet could offer entrée to something exciting. And let’s face it – that’s what you’re craving right now, Cancer. In a nutshell: Love could be hiding in plain sight. Or found where you least expect it now, Cancer. When it comes to creating any kind of opportunity for yourself – what you say weaves an irresistible magic.


word-image-5833 The way forward is right in front of you Success has a new direction in mind Leave obstacles where they belong – behind you Unresolved problems? Sticky issues? Unsure how to proceed? Think for one moment about the 8 of Swords card in the Tarot. It shows a figure blindfolded and surrounded by 8 swords. Often the figure is also bound and tied. And depending on the deck, behind them are stormy skies and seas.

The latter symbolising emotional worry and turmoil. The bonds and blindfold show us how we can feel trapped when we can’t find solutions. Yet, the figure in the card isn’t trapped by the swords. They could walk away at any point. But are blind to the fact they can. Pluto direct in your 6th takes off the blindfold for you this week and sees you effortlessly leave behind something that’s been holding you back or restricting you.

Out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens

Another thing about blindfolds is that we not only can’t see the solution. But we can’t see opportunities either. Or maybe we do but we’re not yet ready for the change they will bring. That comfort zone may be anything but, but it’s what we know. So, despite it being uncomfortable, we turn a blind eye to something better.

Uranus in your 10th tells you your career path may have a direction all its own. Or an expected development where you currently work puts you on track for something new. Mercury in your 4th opposes it on the 7th while Venus in its ruling 2nd trines it on the 11th. So, if change is in the air now, take off the blindfold. You’re free to move forward and away from what holds you back if you do.

In a nutshell: If you’re feeling stuck this week, the remedy is right in front of you, Leo. You just may not have been aware of it – until now. Leave what you know behind. The unfamiliar is where your future begins. And love waits.


word-image-5834 Feel it first to live it for real Time for a stand-out move Turn yourself into a magnet for all you desire! Focus on your desires now Pluto heads direct again in your 5th from the 5th, Virgo. And yes, you are still very much the sign that’s the zodiac’s leading light right now thanks to Venus in your 1st. Your 5th is after all, the house of stardom – leading men and women. However, what you are focussing on may have changed and shifted during Pluto’s retro-cycle.

Feel it to make it real!

Ruler Mercury is slowing down in its ruling 3rd as it prepares for retrograde. So, retroshadow time may have you looking at where the love is to be found for you now. It’s about the feeling that love or pursuing what fires you up, brings you. Focus on that emotional experience to get the law of attraction working for you. Venus in your 1st is yet one more attraction magnet working in your favour.

And it’s also about your appearance, style, look, brand and good old-fashioned star quality. It’s not vanity. When we look good, we feel good. And we attract back in kind. So, adjust your wavelength if necessary and you may be surprised at what (or who) you draw to you in terms of people, opportunities, experiences and love. Uranus is your 9th loves surprises that are designed to expand your soul experience. Ruler Mercury opposes it on the 7th while Venus will trine it on the 11th.

Uranus in your 9th is the ultimate dare. Daring to dream and also daring you to try something you may have thought beyond your reach. The opportunity to do just that – to dare to go off in pursuit of something you’ve wanted could appear this week. Thanks to your newly minted magnetic vibe. In a nutshell: You are what you feel this week, Virgo. Or imagine you can be. Think of yourself as the star of your own reality TV show. Who or what do you want to attract to join you? We’re all Keeping Up with the Virgos this week!


word-image-5835 Changes occur close to home Direct the flow of abundance S/he who has control, controls the future Changes which occur now are designed for your ultimate liberation, Libra. Pluto rolls forward in your 4th of home, family, homeland, roots, traditions and security from the 5th. Time to refine that sense of place, create a firm foundation and above all, deal effectively with any outstanding issues that touch on living arrangements, property, flatmates, Airbnb, your landlord, mortgage, council or rent. Mercury in your money zone is slowing down and preparing to retrograde.

So, it’s in retroshadow time. It’s a good time to be looking at that budget and above all, practicing self-discipline and control. Self-control means you are in charge. Due to retroshadow its not a good time to enter into new financial commitments.

Enter a new era of abundance

However, Uranus in your 8th which is your other money house, is set up a new order when it comes to your money and what you share. It’s opposition to Mercury on the 7th and its trine to ruler Venus in your 12th on the 11th, could bring about a liberating moment when it comes to your income, what you owe and long-term finances.

It’s an opportunity to be in control of your money or financial future rather than it controlling you. How this comes about may be via changes in the outer world or some of you could even benefit from the generosity of another. Anyone from that employer to a partner – past or present. Once you’ve got your solution, stick to it and don’t go back. S/he who controls today, directs tomorrow exactly where they need it to go.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus in your 12th links you to the past. Something could come full-circle this week. And which hands you the power to direct your future exactly where you need it to go, Libra.


word-image-5836 Let go, let flow Love has a plan Opportunity or love could look very different now Don’t get too attached to routines, outcomes or plans this week, Scorpio. Be prepared to adapt and change. To go with the flow – and where it wants to take you. Plans could change at the last minute. This week simply has a direction all its own. Ruler Pluto heads direct in your 3rd from the 5th.

This is your house of communication, business, getting around, your siblings if you have them, your neighbourhood, commute – if you are doing that – and the internet. Mercury rules this house and is now in retroshadow in your 1st. You therefore need to put those retro-rules in place early. You know the drill.

The unexpected has a purpose for you

The strange, charmed, unexpected element is due to Uranus in your zone of partnerships, marriage, lasting love, your bff, long term working relationships, collaborations and even that frenemy or rival. This week sees Mercury oppose Uranus on the 7th and then Venus in your house of friendships and goals, trine it on the 11th.

Running into someone unexpectedly, a sudden change of plan, or you finding yourself somewhere you didn’t plan could actually place you in the path of opportunity or love. And when it comes to both, they may be found in places where you least expect them or look different to what you thought they would. Don’t judge a book by its cover this week. And go where the flow wants to take you, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: This week has a plan and a purpose. Don’t try to control it, Scorpio. If plans change or you find yourself somewhere unexpected – this is all part of a Grand Design. Open up to just what change can bring you.


word-image-5837 Get a bigger goal to aim for Work smarter – and with more meaning Inspiration is the mother of your reinvention Pluto direct once more in your money house should signal a new phase where you are in control of your cash flow, Sag. And also feeling well – worthy and empowered when it comes to attracting or generating what you need and deserve.

Time to set some new goals for the future ahead of ruler Jupiter’s arrival in your 3rd in December. And you should now have the budgeting skills to ensure you can finance these. Venus in your 10th is also enhancing your professional rep right now. When it comes to your money – fine tune those budgeting skills and also ideas around work, attracting abundance or even that side hustle now.

Resurrect those dreams

This could even involve resurrecting an idea or income stream from your past. Mercury in your 12th is now in official retroshadow. This is your house of the past. It will oppose Uranus in your 6th of everyday work, study and wellbeing on the 7th. While Venus in your 10th trines it on the 11th.

This could bring about a radical reinvention of anything from your routine to how you earn your daily bread. It could see you working smarter and for better rewards. These may not necessarily be financial. Because with you Sag, the biggest take-out is always the freedom to pursue those dreams. You can have that and possibly the backing too this week. So, get creative.

In a nutshell: Repurposing a past dream or income stream could bring you what you need to make those future dreams reality, Sag. It’s not about how much or what you have – it’s how you work it now.


word-image-5838 How are you broadcasting those changes? Show that inner gold It’s a new you this time around, Capricorn! Plug into empowerment and that sense of being able to direct your life down the path you want it to go. Pluto direct in your 1st from the 5th asks how you have changed and now, how does your life need to reflect this?

Time to show off the gold within

The kind of soul alchemy Pluto puts us through results in us discovering our inner gold. And you need to showcase this. So, you may be making changes to the ‘outer’ you to ensure these are in alignment now. Just call it a soul re-branding. Prepare also to encounter people from your past. And when you do, you might want to ensure you are broadcasting a new message about who you are – and where you are going. Mercury is in retroshadow in your 11th preparing for full retro-active phase shortly. It will oppose Uranus in your 5th on the 7th. So, watch for the re-appearance of past connections – including lovers. Venus presently in your 9th makes an angle of luck to Uranus on the 11th. This could amount to a sudden, lucky break as in right place, right time, right connection. Or it could see past people or even connections to places from your past, come spinning unexpectedly back in. If so, broadcast how you’re different this time around. Are they? If you want a different outcome both of you have to have made a shift. But also, don’t lose track of your history. And all that connects you, Capricorn. In a nutshell: You’ve been going through an intense period of soul transformation thanks to Pluto in your sign. It’s revealed the gold deep within you. Now, make changes to the outer you to show the world just who you are, Capricorn.


word-image-5839 Own your lifepath like never before You are unique – don’t be afraid to show it Empowerment is sexy! Ruler Uranus in your 4th is all about refining your life and allowing you to live it YOUR way. There’s a Grand Design in progress here. It involves owning your path and also creating that home, launchpad, support structure that hands you freedom combined with security. Unexpected shifts and people from your past may play a role this week. Pluto heads direct once more in your 12th, while Mercury in your status, reputation and achievement sector is in retroshadow period. Mercury will oppose Uranus on the 7th and this day brings up questions about who is in control of your future. You? Or someone else?

Don’t be afraid to say: This is Me!

If you have been living in someone else’s shadow, then now is the time you can step out of it. Living up to someone else’s expectations? This is telling you that you no longer have to. You are more powerful and capable than you may have given yourself credit for. Look back on your achievements. Make a list if necessary.

Look at the challenges you have met head-on. And the issues you have transcended. So, there should be no more room for self-doubt after that audit. Certainly, being the side girl/guy in any relationship will now be a no-no. As will be becoming a pretzel to live up to anyone’s expectations from your family to that lover. All you need to be is you. No apologies. Just glorious. Venus in your 8th of empowered change trines Uranus on the 11th.

Ushering in that sense of path ownership and a new phase of living, working and being. Some of you may receive an unexpected benefit or bonus. Perhaps stemming from past work or an association. But activated by self-ownership – right here in the present. And don’t forget – self-ownership is sexy. Don’t be surprised if this gets you noticed. In all the right ways.

In a nutshell: People who own their path are fascinating, magnetic and sexy. Think that’s not you, Aquarius? Ruler Uranus wants to hand you control of your life – and the freedom to be all you can be along with that.


word-image-5840 Don’t limit your idea of the form love can take Destination: Outside your comfort zone Get ready for your Grand Love Experience What direction does love want to take you now, Pisces? Don’t limit yourself to simply thinking about one-to-one, special kind of love. Love is a many splendored thing. Yes, love of the romantic kind may feature. But I’m talking the Grand Love Experience.

Which can take many forms. Venus in its ruling 7th trines Uranus in your 3rd on the 11th. Delivering news or an unexpected opportunity to broaden that love experience when combined with Mercury in your 9th opposing Uranus on the 7th. Some of you may hear from someone from your past.

Others could connect to that Grand Love Experience via learning, an activity or even connecting to a place they want to visit – if only right now virtually. But reality is being dangled in front of you now, Pisces.

So many ways to experience love

Then there’s the love of friends, the love of what you love to do and the goals that are a part of you – which you show love to by constantly working towards them. They are of course, all ruled by Uranus. This week also sees Pluto, planet of power and transformation, head direct once more in Uranus’s ruling 11th.

So, don’t limit yourself to just one way of having that big love experience. Uranus always wants to set our mind free of limitations. People who have the capacity to influence your future path will feature now. Especially if they are linked to, or can help bring you, that bigger love experience. This may involve you leaving your comfort zone – or at the very least, your usual circles. If offered entrée somewhere new this week, Pisces – take it this is where love wants you to go now.

In a nutshell: Love lifts you up where you belong. If you’ll let it, Pisces. This week could mark the start of a bigger love experience. Just be open-minded as to the form it may take. www.horoscope.co.ukIt is a time of change and growth as the sun moves into Libra and the stars align in our collective favor in the sign of Libra. It is a time of self-discovery and finding new ways to express your talents and individuality..

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Is 2024 a bad year for Libra?

Astrology has been a part of human civilization for centuries – in fact, there is evidence that the first civilizations were governed by astrologers. Yet, the last century has been a sort of throwback to those early days – before computers and calculators,  when only an expert was able to know an entire person’s fate based on the right combination of the stars. Astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination in human culture.

It’s believed that the ancient Egyptians have been using the stars for so many years, that they even carved stars into the Egyptian pyramids! In the last few years, astrology has been making more and more headlines. With the arrival of technology, astrology makes it possible to read a person’s future by finding out their stars, and then reading the stars backward to find out their past.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it is true that many people are interested in seeing what the future holds. To find out what the stars have to say about the year 2024, look no further than the star chart above.

What is the horoscope for October 5?

No need to be a genius to work out the date of the upcoming birthday of a given sign, but work out the daily astrology forecast for the person is not so easy. That is why we decided to focus not only on the yearly forecast for a given sign, but on the time of birth of the person, as well. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

What are the new zodiac sign dates 2024?

The Year of the Pig will begin on Saturday, October 5th, 2024 & end on October 11th. The Pig is the eighth of the 12-year, 12-month cycle of animals and seasons in the Chinese zodiac, and is the indirect predecessor of the Monkey.

The 2024 pig will be a rather tame one, as it comes right after a rather fierce tiger. Based on the information in our btlblogtour, this is our prediction of the new zodiac sign dates for 2024.