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Revelation Edition – Cover Design Art (Updates, Notes, Downloads)

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The cover art concept for Revelation has been developing for the last year and a half, and it’s finally time to reveal it to you. The concept art is based on the concept that the book of Revelation is a secret book that has the answers to all of life’s questions. The book is hidden inside a “Revelation Edition” – the front cover of which is a puzzle. The book contains the answers. If you can solve the puzzle, the book will reveal its secrets.

The cover for Revelation is out now!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were summoned and granted power. Sadly for them, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not as prestigious as the Jedi, Sith, and Force (to name but a few of the other horsemen) and are not exactly considered the most powerful characters in all of literature.

word-image-14008 I printed several copies of Map Book Galley on Lulu to check the formatting, images, etc., and on all of them the cover turned out great. But because I get dangerously close to the edges of the book with the wavy flower border, some of the gold edges are cut off in some copies people order. Sigh.

Here is an overview of the BEFORE cover design. The pink area (bleeding) is where the incisions were made. The light green shaded areas on the front and back covers are margins, but in theory they should all be visible. It’s just a warning that you’re about to have a bleed. word-image-14009 And here is a 5 MB high resolution 300 dpi image file to print and free download in JPG format for the cover of the DO : Click on the picture to download

word-image-14010 You can click on this image file to load and save it. As you know, if you ordered the premium package, your order of the digital ebook (in PDF format) means that you also have a limited personal license to print physical copies of the book for your personal use. The direct, unmentioned, private hyperlink to Lulu.com is there for convenience, in case you want to print a physical copy of the book but don’t want to deal with it personally =) If you want to print and bind a physical copy of the map book yourself, download the JPG image file above (high resolution) if you want to use the DO format.

Personally, I prefer the look of the previous version of the cover, with the narrowest possible gold outer edge with watermark, but quality control is a logistical issue when the cover is printed by a third party. There will be a certain percentage of printed books where the gold portion is cut off and the green portion of the frame is too close to the actual edge of the book. So, to eliminate this percentage and ensure that all orders at Lulu’s have the outer edge of the gold watermark, I need to adjust the proportions. Here you will find a 500 dpi high resolution JPG image file with a free download size of 12 MB for the AFTER corrected cover: Click on the picture to download

word-image-14011 Although this file is much larger than the previous 500 dpi, 12 MB image file, you will not notice any difference in sharpness or quality when printing on 6″ x 9″ paper. Preview of revised margins and withdrawal of coverage of 29. May 2024

word-image-14012 The screenshot above, taken from the Lulu preview pages, now shows where the areas are after the pink overflow and the green shaded boxes. Compare this with the previous version. Summary of margins and withdrawals from previous coverage of 19. May 2024


About buying the premium package for the e-book and paperback versions….

I tried to make things as clear as possible, and again I apologize if I misunderstood anything. Let’s try again =) I do not sell physical printed copies of The Map Book. Period. The end. That’s it. Instead, I sell an eBook, which is a digital copy of the chart book that is emailed to you (to your inbox only) as a downloadable PDF when you order the premium package. It is not included in the standard package.

With this purchase, which costs +$10 to upgrade from Standard to Premium, you also get a limited license to print personal copies of the mapbook for personal, private, non-commercial use. That means you can print a PDF ebook on a home or office printer, all 722 pages (it’s formatted with reverse margins, so you have to print both sides, the front and back of each page) and punch three holes to put it in a three-ring binder, for example.

You can also be creative and find a way to incorporate it into a book yourself. You can also take it to a local print shop to have it printed. Or. You can also order a printed paperback from the external website Lulu.com. You are not buying a physical copy of the book from me. You pay Lulu.com to print and bind a physical copy of the book for you and have it delivered to your home.

For your convenience, I have downloaded the book to Lulu and prepared it for printing. I then created a private, unregistered, direct hyperlink to this prepared file so you can easily order it on Lulu. The cost of physically printing the book looks like the normal price of an expensive book (I don’t know how to say this, haha) on, say, Amazon or Barnes & Noble, because, look again – it’s a 722-page full-color book.

That’s huge. And it’s printing on demand, not mass production. This means that if you order, the website will only print one copy of the book especially for you. Therefore, the cost will be higher than for a mass-produced book with a large retail distribution. word-image-14015word-image-14016

Tarot Study Book SKT Revelation

I talked a bit about the Tarot Study Diary in a previous status update post here (you have to scroll down after the Card Book). The image file above is hyperlinked so you can download the spiral bound magazine cover in high resolution. You can also download just the cover of the single by clicking the free download button below. Click on the picture to download

word-image-14017 If you know how to make your own pocket magazines (6″ x 9″), lined magazines, or something like a printed SKT guide that you’ve written for yourself or that you’re giving away for free to others who work with the SKT Revelation Deck, then yes, you’re welcome to use the image files above for the cover of the pocket book you’re creating.

Therefore, these high-resolution cover files can be downloaded for free here. If, like me, you are obsessed with fonts and want to make the style and layout of all your SKT documents as consistent as possible, here is a list of fonts used for all SKT Revelation documents: word-image-14018 Yes, you are welcome to share your creations (for educational purposes) with your colleagues and peers in the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Facebook group. I do not lead this group, I did not found it, and I am not in any way. But I am a member and it really is a positive and great place. If you’re wondering how I think about this stuff as an artist/writer, here’s what I think.

If you’ve made something from these files, like an SKT Revelations study journal or a blank reading journal, or whatever inspires you, and you’re using these covers to make sure all your SKT texts are aesthetically consistent, and you want to share them with other tarot readers, like members of the SKT Facebook group, go ahead! If you’re good and have figured out how to upload and a private, unlisted direct hyperlink to your creation on Lulu that you can share with your fellow

Tarot players, do it. I don’t even mind adding $1 net profit to the cost of the order to get a tip for your work/labor/time spent providing such a resource to others. But don’t make it public. What you are legally doing is getting a limited license from me to use these copyrighted images (cover and design) to create the SKT Revelation you created. The biggest condition I impose on you is that you make it clear that what you are proposing has nothing to do with me and is something you do on your own, but of course with my blessing.

But I had no oversight, no quality control, I did not oversee or review the project in any way, I do not endorse or approve of the content, etc. etc. It’s all up to you, for better or worse. If you make it clear, I don’t mind. You do it.) If it is done in a spirit of goodwill, charity, kindness and for educational purposes, you will rarely hear me complain. It’s only when I, as an artist, like most artists, feel like I’m being taken advantage of or pressured that I get angry. word-image-14019

Updated production status: One month overdue

For your information: I think the original delivery time will be delayed by about a month. Now everything is in the hands of the printers. They print 3,507 sets, boxes and small white booklets, and if it’s slow, it takes up to 50 working days. And then there’s the time it takes to transport the containers of decks from there to here.

In today’s globalized world, I can’t even give you a reliable forecast of delivery time. However, we assume that we will physically receive the deck in the last week of August at the earliest. Once we have the boxes, we need to check the quality, install a conveyor so Jay knows what he’s doing and I know what I’m doing, and turn our house into a warehouse and assembly line.

If you weren’t around for the 2018 First Edition status update, here’s a blog post with photos you can check out to get an idea of what it’s like to pack and ship your deck. And don’t forget it: What you see in this post is for 1000 decks. This time we have 3,507 card games. Basically, everything you see there, think of it as x 3.5. More than three times. When everything is ready, we start packing and shipping. If you need sight, it’s not like the 3000+ decks come out on the same day. We have to do it in small groups every day, and then every other day we bring the packages in groups to the post office.

Assuming we start the first week of September (or, even if we’re ambitious and start the last week of August), delivery will be in September/October rather than August/September.


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