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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of May 30, 2024 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

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My name is The Fox and I am back for another set of predictions for the week of May 30, 2024. Yes, it is 21 years since that fateful day that marked the beginning of my first week as a tarot blogger. (I am not sure how to pronounce that word, but it is pronounced the same as “tiger” and is a reference to the Tarot of Marseilles, which I also love. I am also a big fan of Tarot and I am going to try and explain my crazy predictions in a letter to the editor format.)

The passing of a loved one, the loss of a job, or any other major life event can be devastating—but all of that is nothing compared to the loss of your purpose. Everyone has one—that thing you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to do. Unfortunately, as life gets busier, that outlet gets further and further away.

It’s the Spring of 2024 and the long-awaited celestial conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury is at hand. This is a time of great transformation in our lives, for it heralds a turning point in our lives, and the birth of the Aquarian Age, where we will walk a new path. This is a time that is ripe for creativity and innovation, and we can see this in the way we interact with the world around us, as we are able to see the world in a new way.

Vanessa Barragao This week’s artist is Vanessa Barragao @vanessabarragao_work.  Barragao takes textile techniques such as crocheting, felting, embroidery and weaving to a new level, not only in terms of size but also concepts.  She works with recycled wool, from the collection of waste, leftovers and supplies from Portuguese factories.

Barragao started out in the fashion industry, but he has seen the environmental impact of everything from textile production processes to the false necessity of consumption. Barragao’s work is not anti-textile.  It is a celebration of fiber that appreciates and celebrates nature.  She creates a space in which the viewer becomes aware of the causal connections between our consumption and the natural environment, while the beauty of both is illuminated with complex reflection.

Barragao’s art reflects what scientists are learning about microplastics from substances in the ocean.  There is still too little research in this area.  So far, scientists have discovered that textile waste such as clothing, cigarette filters and personal care products are polluting the waters around us and have been found at all levels of marine life.

They found that a cotton T-shirt disappears in 2 to 5 months, a wool sock in 1 to 5 years, synthetic fibres in a few decades (30 to 40 years for polyamide fabrics) to hundreds of years (450 years for disposable diapers). It has been proven that natural textile fibers, even if swallowed, are broken down in the body, unlike synthetic fabrics.

However, it is also pointed out that although they are biodegradable, dyes and chemicals can get into the body that takes them. It is interesting to note that the mixture of fabrics, the length of the fibres and the way they are woven – natural or synthetic – influence this deposition process.  Another study showed that after the first ten washes, the amount of molting decreased significantly.  This information is essential for the textile industry to innovate.

But what can we do?  Well, we can buy well-made clothes and clothes that are made of natural fibers instead of synthetic materials. Or pay attention to our buying habits, especially when they are determined by fashion statements. This also applies to household items such as bedding and towels.  Or buy second-hand clothes.  Innovative environmentalism is about finding ways to enjoy the world, but in a responsible way. Planetary highlights:  Mercury is in Gemini until the 23rd. June deviation.

So take the time and space to disconnect and do the 3Vs: Review, reflect and revise.  Venus moves on the 1st. July enters the sign of Cancer – a great time to connect with loved ones and pamper yourself.  In addition, Jupiter (expansion) is in the sky until the 28th. July in Pisces, which tells you what your 2024 will look like and where your growth will come from.

P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Gemini is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Sagittarius is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check it out, now is the time. May the light be upon you, around you and within you, Nina


Vanessa Barragao Queen of Cups – The good-time muse is here to get the party started.  Yes, you need to have fun and relax this week.  There are seeds of joy in life, even in times of suffering.  This week your job is to find or make silver tracks in the rain clouds.  Inspiration: Any comedian.


Vanessa Barragao *In love – Last week, the muse of creation came to grace the growth process.  Remember, you’re supposed to commit to it for at least 9 months, and if you weren’t ready to start, use that energy to finish old projects.

Luckily, you still have a week to work on it.  The Supporting Partnership Muse is here to show you how to ask for help.  In fact, this muse explains that you need outside voices and hands to improve your playing.


Vanessa Barragao Seven of Swords – The Muse of Chastity asks the question: Are you true to yourself?  Think about what you are not experiencing in your authenticity.  You are entering a new year, and this muse emphasizes that this is a year of renewal.

This is a good time to reprogram the areas in which you meet the expectations of others or society.


Vanessa Barragao The Two of Swords – The Muse of Decisions has come to shake you out of your daydreams of the past three weeks and into action.  This week is the time to take the first step towards a new you and your new goals.

If you’re still in the fog, this muse reminds you that you choose your path, not your destination.


Vanessa Barragao *Justice – The muse of justice and truth will help you set boundaries and goals.  To be successful this week, you need to simplify your decision-making process.  For some of you, this week will be easy.  You can focus on your goals and get to work.  But for the other half, thinking is no easy task.

And for all this, Muse offers you a simple solution: Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Flip.  Mr Flip is a penny with a Y on his head and an N on his tail.  For every question you ask, you get 2 of the 3 counters.  The point is, once you have an answer, if it sounds good, do it, and if it’s gross, don’t do it.


Vanessa Barragao Farmer of Pentacles – Last week, the energy of the Happy Muses made a difference.  You will receive information on how to get out of your predicament and move on with your life.

The Learning Muse is now here to help you apply this knowledge.  Use this week to practice your materialization skills.

Vanessa Barragao word-image-15185 The Six of Enchanted Teeth – The Muse of Transition has docked her ship and invites you on a journey to your next destination.  Now it’s time to move on. If you feel stuck, simplify your tasks so you can easily swim downstream.


Vanessa Barragao word-image-15186 The Nine of Wisdom – Blank Sheet Muse came last week to inspire you to new experiences.  You can still do this task, but it will be harder to protect your space and energy.

Due to Mercury retrograde, you may find blockages, distractions and irritations trying to derail your resources.  Set boundaries for yourself, at least for this week.

Magnetic switch

Vanessa Barragao word-image-15187 Currency Knight – They are on track, but pace is everything this week. The problems have to do with consistency.  So make a program and stick to it.

Whether it’s getting a good night’s sleep, going to bed early and getting up early, some form of exercise every day, or not eating 3 hours before bed.   Take care of your body first and your mind and heart will follow.


Vanessa Barragao *The luck of the Muse came to play with you this week.  This energy likes to shake things up because there is inertia somewhere in your life.  So if you find a pot of gold, oops! Celebrate and be grateful.  If you’re unlucky, skip it and look for the hidden pearls of wisdom.

Because good or bad, fate has information for you.


Vanessa Barragao word-image-15188 King of Cups – This week it’s time to get in touch with your feelings.  This muse will teach you to welcome and befriend all your emotions.  The challenge is not to try to stifle them by drowning them in libations or by working so hard that there is no room for them.

You need a release, and that muse comes when you are about to be exhausted.  It is better to deal with them on your terms now than to let them control and direct your actions later.


Vanessa Barragao word-image-15189 *Hierophant – The structures of Muse are there to stabilize your life and work.  Spend this week making lists, clearing clutter and organizing your space, email boxes and/or calendar.

The more Feng Shu you have in your life and environment, the easier your life will be in the coming weeks.


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