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Funeral CC & Mods To Play With (All Free) –

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If you’re looking to play with some cool funeral mods, today’s the day! I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the mods I’ve tried and played with, and they’re all free! There are some really great ones out there, so I thought I’d share with you all today.

There are a lot of mods, monitors and other tweaks for Dying Light that allow you to enjoy the game in a new way. This is completely free and completely legal. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

When hospitals with active construction sites appeared in the Aan het werk expansion pack, life in The Sims 4 became a lot more dynamic. It’s exciting (and frightening) to see your pregnant Sim give birth. Death is another story. When the time comes for your Sim to pass away, he or she won’t have the chance to grieve after the Grim Reaper takes him or her to the afterlife.

Your sims are sad for a while and then move on. Unfortunately, no memorials or funerals have been possible… until now. The creators of KC play an indispensable role in the immersion of the game. And we’ve found some great articles to help you say goodbye to your Sims in a good way.

Funeral home CC

word-image-4403 Check out this AC. We’ll start this list with AroundTheSims4’s must-have collection. The funeral package is a complete solution for the construction of a funeral home. A variety of caskets, headstones, floral arrangements and more make the experience even more real. It is compatible with the base game. Although all articles can be downloaded individually, please consider making a donation to ATS4 to download all articles. Spoiler alert: It’s worth it.

Funeral Decoration Sims

word-image-4405 Check out this AC. If you have never heard of Deco Sims, I will amaze you. Many of us would love to see more Sims show up at our events or populate our neighborhoods. The only problem is that more sims = more lag. Thanks to the creators of CC, we now have dekos – sims that are technical objects used only to tell stories. And they are there to fill your events. This set of funeral Deco Sims from CatastropheSims shows, you guessed it, some Sims standing at a funeral and looking sad. And they are very handy for those who take a lot of pictures, because they never move!

Furnishing a funeral chapel

word-image-4407 Check out this AC. Burying the decos solves a puzzle, but what about immersion when it comes to guided simulations? If you want your Sims to pray, mourn, and grieve for the recently deceased the right way, check out these funeral chapel poses from creator Necrodog. This set includes five poses and even an animation of the Sim hugging their deceased loved one. However, there are a few things you need to do before you can use it. This includes the furniture used for poses, as well as getting the Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim.

SimCity 4 morgue set

word-image-4409 Check out this AC. Simulators who want to delve into the story and incorporate all aspects of death into their game should check out another NecroDog creation: The SimCity 4 body kit. This collection includes a total of six items: stackable body bags, two different types of shrouds, decorative shrouds (scary!), and a stove and refrigerator for mortuaries. For most items, there is a low and high poly option to adjust the playability and hardware requirements, so everyone can enjoy this CC.

Royal funeral pose

word-image-4410 Check out this AC. Here’s another set of funeral poses from SunflowerPoses, and it’s a little different than the previous post. With only eight poses, they are most appropriate for a mourning couple, as the poses usually depict a military/royal couple at a funeral. There is also a pose of eight sims to carry the coffin. The flag used for the pictured box can be found here. This is a good option for those who play historical or royal sim families.

mortar pit

word-image-4411 Look at this model A sim with an iron stomach looking for a lucrative career? I hear SimCity rents out Morgue….. Midnitetech’s funeral director career allows your Sim to step directly into the role of an undertaker, in charge of caring for the deceased and their loved ones. After the fourth level, they can choose the direction of the funeral home or the coroner. You don’t need any special packages or additional downloads for this, so get started now!

Dignity funeral home

word-image-4412 Look at this game. Fully equipped funeral home that doesn’t require heavy lifting. Could life get any better? This custom funeral home in Whyeverr can be used as a museum or living space, but we think it would be a great addition to any funeral home. The 40×30 location offers cremation and embalming services to the deceased Sims and fits perfectly with Willow Creek with its New Orleans style look. Warning: You will need all EA packages released since July 2018 that do not use CC.

Enchantment of the funeral and the veil

word-image-4413 Check out this AC. Witchcraft or just theater? We leave the choice to you. But we will have to share DivaDoom’s veiled hat. While the black lace veil and roses are a nice touch for a mourning hat, the pointed tip makes it a bit unusual and reminiscent of a witch’s hat. We could see an eccentric Sims get away with this. or Lilt Vator wearing it at Vlad’s funeral in a thousand years. They are available in black and white and are HQ grids.

Sims 4 Funeral Mod

word-image-4415 Look at this model Anyone who needs a funeral as a social event should download this mod immediately! Originally created by CC retiree BrittPinkieSims and updated by SHEnanigans, the Sims 4 Funeral Mod adds custom funeral events to the game. This way you can say goodbye to the deceased Sims in a proper way. As with every event in the game, you need certain items to succeed, including a microphone, a bar, a wreath, a coffin or urn, and a musical instrument. The kit also includes burial items, so you don’t need to purchase any others unless you need certain options. If you don’t want to face ultra-realistic depictions of death in The Sims, you should definitely try this mod.

Mortem for The Sims 4

word-image-4417 Look at this model After that, death in The Sims 4 will never be the same as the death you know. The mighty CC group SimRealist has released Mortem to the public….. And the tempers… are flaring up. Let’s start at the beginning: This mode is all about realism. And that changes the next dynamic of the game:

  • The Reaper doesn’t exist.
  • If your Sims die, they die. There is no haggling, no colors of death, etc.
  • Since Grim doesn’t exist, your deceased Sim will be lying on the ground in a body bag.
  • A replacement NPC, the coroner, must be called by the surviving Sim to retrieve the deceased.
  • Only after the coroner has examined the simulation is it removed, after which a waiting period begins in the game before a funeral can be held.

It is certainly not for the faint of heart or those who prefer frivolous games. But it offers a darker style for simmers who want something new.