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5 Signs You Need a Bigger Cage for Your Hamsters

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When keeping a pet, you have to ensure their well-being and safety. For active animals such as the hamsters, the size of their living area needs to be appropriate. Since they are almost all of the time inside their cage, they have to be comfortable, and able to move freely.

Purchasing the right enclosure is the most important thing when planning on keeping a hamster. Although there are various hamster types, they require different size cages. So, if you have a cage laying around, you might think that it is appropriate for your new pet.

In case the cage is smaller than needed, your hamster will show signs of dissatisfaction and sadness. To avoid such situations, we have made this article with a couple of signs that show you need to purchase a larger terrarium for your hamster.

They Bite the Wires

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The first sign that you can notice your hamster doing is biting the wires of the hamster cage. This shows dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Although things like these can happen sporadically, it is surely a sign of a living area that is too small.

If Their Activity Decreases

As we mentioned above, they are one of the most active pets that you can keep. That is being shown by how much they run during the day.

If you notice how your hamster is decreasing their activity, it is a sign of sadness. They become to sleep more, and their daily activity becomes eating and sleeping. The sadness can be caused by various reasons, however, one of them is a small living space.

Get a larger enclosure and see if their behavior changes. If not, you should speak to a vet and determine the cause of the problem so it can be quickly solved.

Climbing Up the Cage

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Another indicator that your hamster is living in a place too small for them is constant climbing activities. This is interpreted in a way to escape, and gain their freedom. Understand that they can try to climb it even if their space is sized appropriately. However, if this becomes a regular activity you need to consider getting a new hamster cage.


If you see your hamster going from one point to another repetitively, it means that they are stressed. Pacing along their living space is not a natural activity, and it is an indicator for you to do something.

The stresses can be caused by other pets you might be having, a loud environment, or a small cage. As quickly you understand the issue, the better it is for your hamster.

Becoming Territorial and Aggressive

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By default, hamsters are always friendly and nice without episodes of aggression. However, every animal can become violent when they are being sad or stressed. For that reason, if you notice that you are being attacked or bitten whenever you place your hand in their enclosure, there is a problem.

This is usually caused by stresses or discomfort because they are being placed in an area too small for themselves. The factors from above can be a cause as well. For that reason, think about what might be the actual reason, and if it is a cage that is too small, make sure you purchase another one.