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Striper Migration Map – May 28, 2024

img source: gameandfishmag.com

The Strikers are here! Migrating to the UK in waves, The Striper is the UK’s hottest new band. With a sound like no other, the band puts a unique stamp on everything they touch. Every few years the Striper migrates to the UK and changes their name. When they leave again, it’s to check out another part of the world.

As early as three years ago, the Gulf Stream had slowed to the point that the striped bass was having trouble finding adequate food. Climate change was blamed for the change in the fish’s habitat and it has been suggested its migration patterns may have been altered as a result.

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, anglers from New Jersey to New England can try to catch some big pike. Now that the weather is more conducive to fishing than the beach, it’s time to get to work and sign up for the Striper Cup! See how we track streamer migration.

You can help by participating in our weekly map update – just share your fan stories about the streamer here and on social media with the tag #stripermigration. Remember, stream anglers are now required to use round hooks when using natural baits. In addition, we need to do our best this season to make sure the stocked striped bass go home healthy.


Chesapeake Bay Streamer fishing report

Bearded bass follow the channel edges to the lower Chesapeake Bay and after spawning to the open ocean. Most anglers are currently targeting small striped fish. Fishing for striped bass took place on the 16th. A new phase begins in May when anglers in most areas of the Chesapeake Bay will be allowed to keep one striped bass per day with a minimum size of 19 inches.

Many caught streamers don’t make the minimum size of 19 inches, so make sure you have good C+R habits! Many tidal river basins still have restrictions in place until the 31st. May exist. Thereafter, all tidal areas in Maryland will be opened to striped bass fishing. Regulations for the 2024 Chesapeake Bay striped bass recreational fishery can be found on the DNR website.

New Jersey Strippers Report

Fishing for striped bass in southern New Jersey has not been very active lately as the bass continue to migrate north. Some nice bass were caught on clams on the Cape May beaches and a few big fish were caught while trolling on the 3-mile line. In Raritan Bay in northern New Jersey, the trout continue to nibble. – Read the fishing report from southern New Jersey – Read the fishing report from northern New Jersey

New York Stripper Report

Mixed schools of floating streamers and 30-inch perch are found all over Long Island, trout are found under a bunker on the west side of the island, and perch up to 45 inches have been reported in Montauk. – Read the Long Island fishing report


Report on skipjack tuna from Connecticut and Rhode Island

Not much has changed in Connecticut. Bass up to 30 pounds are rushing to the western Long Island Sound to feast on bunker, and good numbers of fish up to 30 to 35 inches have appeared along the coastline and in Connecticut rivers.

Rhode Island has seen an influx of striped bass to 30 pounds this week, primarily in Narragansett Bay on schools bunker. – Connecticut Read Fish Report – Rhode Island Read Fish Report

Cape Cod/Massachusetts Report on skipjack tuna

Cape Codder residents report an increase in 30-inch bass, as well as sporadic aggregations of larger bass near the bunker (pogy) banks. Schools of streamers are moving in waves along the south shore, flash fishing with schools of streamers is being practiced in Boston Harbor with occasional catches of larger bass.

Surprisingly, Cape Ann and the north coast seem to yield more 20-pounders than the south coast. – Read the Cape Cod fisheries report – Read the Massachusetts fisheries report

New Hampshire/Maine Stripper Report

Schoolchildren continue to load up in the estuaries of New Hampshire and southern Maine. Find the warmest waters to catch these early strangers. – Read the fishing report for New Hampshire and Maine And Canada…